Member’s Area

Member’s Area

On this page you can use the links opposite to find lots of useful information to assist with the preparations for our shows.
Please keep an eye on rehearsal dates and costume lists as the latest versions are always kept here.

For more frequent updates and last minute details please join the facebook members group by searching WBOSY rehearsal group, request to be a member and you will then see all videos from rehearsals and rehearsal info

This document contains useful information for our newer members


The membership fees are to be paid in full by the end of June, please bring in two instalments if preferred.
If you do not intend to appear in a concert or musical, but wish to retain your place, you will still need to pay your fee in full by this date.


All information for shows and rehearsals are on this website.

In addition, Information Newsletters are regularly e-mailed out to all members with the latest News, Audition & Rehearsal information.

  • Please ensure you are on this circulation list and receiving them, to ensure you do not miss important timings and reminders.
  • If you want to add, change or remove your e-mail address from this distribution list, please click here to e-mail
Urgent Announcements

Urgent announcements are made using the Facebook page or by e-mail to the newsletter distribution list
Please ensure you follow the Facebook page and are on the newsletter circulation list (and receiving them) to ensure you do not miss important announcements.



Marketing Literature

Posters and leaflets for shows are available and we ask that you do your very best to distribute them in the best areas. Libraries, notice boards and shop counters are always a good place to start. Think about where you do leave them (a theatre or college will be more beneficial to the marketing campaign, than if you leave a pile at the local old folks’ home), and please respect the venue, i.e. don’t put them up on a notice board without permission.

Applications are invited….

We will always consider applications for our future production teams.

If you wish to be considered for future shows in the roles of Producer, Musical Director, Rehearsal pianist or Choreographer, or you would like any further information, please email Emma at

Please pass on this message if you know anyone that will be interested.

Award Winners !

WBOS has won various theatrical  and ‘NODA’ awards in recent years
See our list of awards HERE

Award from Garrick          Award from Garrick 2           Noda 2009 Award


The Dormston Mill Theatre,
Mill Bank,

Dates :
Thursday 10 – 12 November 2022 at 8pm Saturday matinees at 3pm

Ticket Prices :
£ 15.00 and £10.00(under 16s)

Online :
Box Office : 07763 746656 / 07904 806598

Click here for directions

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