Rehearsal Schedule

Sunday 21st April Gayton Road10am - 1pm10am: Holly Page, Samantha Walker, Amy Sandford, Beth Mahoney, Josh Mills, Andrew Bird, Richard Howarth

11am: Full company
Monday 22nd AprilGayton Road7.15 pmFull company
Wednesday 24th April Gayton Road7.15 pmFull company

Plus, the Grand Theatre Health and Safety talk
Thursday25th AprilGayton Road5.30pm - 10pm
Costumes and run through
Sunday 28th April Gayton Road

Grand Theatre
1pm - 5pm

6pm - 9pm
Band call

Technical rehearsal
Monday 29th AprilGrand Theatre 6pm - 10pmTechnical rehearsal
Tuesday 30th AprilGrand Theatre6pm - 10pmDress rehearsal
Wednesday1st MayGrand Theatre1pm - 5pmPerformance
Wednesday1st MayGrand Theatre6pm - 10pmPerformance
Thursday2nd MayGrand Theatre6pm - 10pmPerformance
Friday3rd MayGrand Theatre6pm - 10pmPerformance
Saturday4th MayGrand Theatre1pm - 5pmPerformance
Saturday4th MayGrand Theatre6pm - 10pmPerformance