Thank you to all of you who auditioned today and last Monday. The standard was extremely high and because of this we have managed to include everyone in this cast. Congratulations to you all.

Audition Results


ShrekJohn Wetherall
Princess FionaEmily Smith
DonkeyTheo Pitter
Lord Farquaad Simon Pugh
Dragon Tasheka Coe
Captain of the GuardAndrew Bird
BishopGreg Yates
Papa OgreCraig Smith
Mama OgreAmy Sandford
Teen FionaMadison Jeffs
Young FionaHolly Edwards
Young ShrekEliza Flavell / Freddie Wetherall
TheloniasGreg Yates
GreeterNicola Howarth
Fairytale creatures
PinocchioHolly White
WolfDan Smith
3 pigs Andy Foggin
Sam Mason
Simon Peacock
Gingy Kim Graystone
Elf Harriet Hommers
WitchSarah Moors
3 blind miceTasheka Coe
Helen Figures
Lisa Metcalfe
Humpty DumptyLizzie Buckingham
Mama BearAmy Sandford
Papa Bear Craig Smith
Baby Bear Amelia Moors (understudying young and teen Fiona)
Alice in Wonderland Katie Walker
Fairy Godmother Liz Jeffries
Grumpy the dwarfJake Dale
Ugly ducking Beth Logan
Peter PanAva-Daniera Mcdonald
White Rabbit Helen Figures
Mad HatterTasheka Coe
Sugar Plum FairyKim Graystone
Little Red Riding Hood Leann Barnett
TinkerbellNicola Howarth
Captain HookRichard Howarth
Tweedle Dum and Tweedle DeeAmy Evans
Beth Mahoney
GoldilocksGrace Paskin
King HaroldRichard Howarth
Queen LillianCharlotte Critchlow
Pied PiperAndrew Bird
Farquaad’s guardsKirk Andrews
Pete Thomas
Jake Dale
Charlotte Critchlow
Dragon’s knightsAndrew Bird
Andy Foggin
Sam Mason
Dan Smith
DancersRose Broadfield
Francesca Charlton
Helen Figures
Harriet Hommers
Liz Jeffries
Beth Logan
Chloe Lowe
Lisa Metcalfe
Shelley Squire
Tessa Smith