Ragtime 2004

Ragtime – The Musical

The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton – 2004


Ragtime is a story about life in America at the beginning of the 20th Century. The show illustrates poignant issues of the day – from immigration, racism and politics to industrialisation and social upheaval. Historical figures intermingle with fictional characters.  The show focuses on three families – one upper-middle class, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, one socialist immigrant Jewish and one Harlem Black – whose intersecting lives are influenced by the Ragtime era’s social challenges.

Cast List – in order of appearance

Little Boy – Cameron Sharp

Father – David Gregory

Mother – Kim Lavender

Younger Brother – Martin Milnes

Grandfather – Terry Gormley

Coalhouse Walker Jnr. – Antonio James

Sarah – Naomi Blissett

Booker T Washington – Kevin Ricardo Bromfield

Tateh – Andrew Bird

Little Girl – Kimberley Fletcher

Houdini – Chad Horton

Houdini’s Mother / Kathleen – Chris Sandhu

JP Morgan – Mwyndeg Price

Henry Ford / Willie Conklin – Nigel Parkinson

Emma Goldman – Eileen Woolley

Evelyn Nesbit – Claire Badger

Admiral Peary – Dave Green

Henson – Nathan Williams

Judge – Geoff Bird

Reporters – Jacqueline Lacey & Kathryn Trigg

Policeman – Robert Leek

Mrs Whitstein – Sarah Davis

Sarah’s Friend – Aileen Jarrett-Musundi

Coalhouse’s Gang – Eli Musundi, Nathan Williams & Michael Brown

The Dancers 

Sarah Davis, Kirsty Somers, Rebecca Thorne, Claire Fletcher, Melanie Glazzard, Helen Watts, Sarah Watts, Emma Davis,                     Lisa Tibbetts & Beckie Shillam.


The Company

Grace Beecher, Diane Bending, Sue Billingham, Monique Buckingham, Elizabeth Buckingham, Zoe Bunn, Laura Canadine,      Christine Charles, Sheila Clift, Bethany Davies, Pam DeAbreu, Elizabeth Finney, Julia Gough, Joan Harris, Samantha Hayes,     Linda Higgs, Jennie Hill, Lindsey Hughes, Claire Longmore, Shalana Malcolm, Annette Shakespeare, Rachel Shakespeare,           Aimee Taylor, Paula Williams, Michael Brown, Graham Quinn, Lee Hamblett, Ben Handley, Robert Pickin, David Shaw,                     Brian Taylor.

Production Team

Director & Choreographer – Mike Capri  

Musical Director – Tim Harding

Stage Manager – Mattew Bird