Boogie Nights 

The Dormston Mill Theatre, Sedgley – 2008


It’s the day Elvis Presley, “The King”, dies and Roddy O’Neill is busy dreaming of life as a rock star! His girlfriend Debs has her own thoughts… basically that Roddy is an arrogant, selfish, unfeeling, rude and heartless pig! But the truth is that Roddy loves Debs and Debs loves Roddy, but she knows he has more than a roving eye. Through all their tears and laughter, can they both find what they are looking for ?

Boogoe Night – the 70s musical is not only an outstanding piece of musical theatre, it also gives the audience the perfect excuse to party to the greatest hits of the 1970s! The show encapsulates the mood of the decade through a jukebox-full of hits including: We Are Family, Celebration, YMCA, Disco Inferno, I Will Survive, Play That Funky Music, Boogie Wonderland, Enough Is Enough … and many, many more!

Cast List

Roddy                     Nigel Austin

Debs                       Lorna Jinks

Trish                       Kim Lavender

Terry                      Craig Smith

Eamonn                 Peter Worrall

Spencer                  Joshua Dacosta

Lorraine                 Franchesca Fogoe

DJ Dean                 John Webb

Baz the Bouncer  Callum MacArthur

Production Team

Director                  Peter Davis

Musical Director  Adam Joy

Choreographer     Claire Kramer

Stage Manager     Andy Thacker

Dance Captain     Helen Watts