The Dormston Mill Theatre, Sedgley – 2004


Where your dreams are shattered

As the chessboard crumbles, the Red Queen refuses to give up the crown and, when the White pieces are all captured, a small band of revolutionaries, led by the White King, struggle to maintain the balance. When Alice notices something strange about the looking glass in the parlour, little does she know that she is about to become a pawn in the Looking Glass War. In a world of grinning identical twins, cracked nursery rhyme characters, gallantry and madness, Alice is about to see things are seldom what they seem. As the net draws closer on Alice and she fights to return home, there is one thing she must do before all is the right way round; the balance must be restored. With the help of the decrepit and addled White Knight, Alice must become Queen before a terrible beast is let loose upon the land and the world belongs to the Red Queen forever. Full of mystery and wonder, Alice’s adventures through the looking glass will take you on a magical journey you will never forget. Based on Lewis Carroll’s evergreen classic, Through the Looking Glass, this musical adaptation, humorous and lively, and by turns, dark and broody, brings a new slant to Alice’s adventures. In a world where the rules are back to front and upside down, come with us Through the Looking Glass and journey across the chessboard, where illusion is the only thing that is guaranteed.

Cast List

Alice – Emma Davis

White Rabbit – Martin Milnes

Caterpillar – Helen Watts

Tweedledum – Chad Horton

Tweedledee – Nathan Williams

The Cheshire Cat – Beckie Shillam

The Duchess – Chris Sandhu

The Mad Hatter – Chris Ingley

March Hare – Eli Musundi

Dormouse – Fiona Spence

Mock Turtle – Charlotte Hurst

Griffin – Adam Lacey

The Queen – Joan Harris

The King – Brian Taylor

The Cook – Julia Gough

Mother – Claire Longmore

Duck – Elizabeth Finney

Parrot – Laura Canadine

Dodo – Bethany Davies

Crab – Pam DeAbreu

Eaglet – Paula Williams

Frog Footman – Michael Brown

Fish Footman – Jennie Hill

Ace of Spades – Kirsty Somers

The Dancers:

Zoe Bunn

Kirsty Somers

Laura Canadine

Lisa Tibbetts

Kim Lavender

Helen Watts

Rebecca Shillam

Paula Williams

Chad Horton

Adam Lacey

Nathan Williams

Production Team

Producer – Graham Quinn

Musical Director – Adam Joy

Choreographer – Claire Badger