A Chorus Line 

The Dormston Mill Theatre, Sedgley – 2007 


A celebration of those unsung heroes of the Musical Theatre, the chorus dancers, valiant, over dedicated, underpaid and highly trained troopers who back up the star and often make them look more talented than they are.The characters portrayed in “A Chorus Line” are, for the most part, based upon the lives and experiences of Broadway dancers. This show is dedicated to anyone who has ever danced in a chorus or marched in step .. . anywhere.
The story takes the audience on a heart-rending, nail-biting roller-coaster of emotions as a group of potential performers are put through a vigorous series of dance numbers and their numbers are gradually reduced to the sixteen from whom the director, Zach, must make his final choice. Instead of making them read a short audition, Zach asks, each hopeful to give a personal history of how they came to be in show business and what are their hopes, and inspirations. By the end of the show the audience can identify with each performer and why they have endured a life filled with rejection, injury, pain and heartache to be involved with what is, to them, the glamorous world of the musical theatre. The show finishes when the successful few, now dressed in full costume, step forward in turn to receive an individual bow, before joining together to perform the brilliant dance finale showing exactly the talent required to make up that usually unappreciated essential of every successful show – A CHORUS LINE.

Cast List 

Zach – Andrew Bird

Janey – Louise Shriane

Mike – Ben Cole

Richie – Roy Magara

Don – John Wetherall

Paul – Nick Sullivan

Mark – Cameron Sharp

Greg – Callum McArthur

Bobby – Sam Robinson

Al – Craig Smith

Cassie – Kim Lavender

Sheila – Bethany Davies

Val – Claire Kramer

Diana – Emma Davis

Judy – Sarah Watts

Kristine – Rose Craddock

Maggie – Helen Watts

Connie – Olivia Jones

Bebe – Victoria Humphreys

Tricia – Laura Canadine

Vicki – Aimee Humphreys

Roy – Stuart Bacon

Butch – Craig Worrall

Tom – Ross Fields


Charlotte Beeston

Victoria Aspinall

Michelle Langston

Matt Walker

Jayne Fields

Production Team

Director                         Peter Davis

Musical Director           Adam Joy

Choreographer            Claire Kramer

Stage Manager            Andy Thacker

Dance Captain             Helen Watts